August 26, 2020
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How to sell more using video calls?

Michał Krzak
Michał Krzak

YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet. With over 3 million searches a month, it is more significant than other popular engines such as AOL, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo combined. It can be explained in a thousand ways, but one clear conclusion is that people love videos. So why don’t you use video calls to sell your stuff?

There are several options to reach your potential clients with video content. From having the YouTube or Vimeo channel, to name the most popular, posting videos on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and of course, using video stories.

But there is one more vital channel. The one who could move the customer a few layers down the sales funnel. It is called direct video calls.

Publishing videos will give you the reach and attention. But having a direct conversation could help you close the deals. How to do it the right way?

Prepare the environment

With phone calls, it was easy. When you made a call appointment with someone, you didn’t care about the phone model, its operating system, or even if it was mobile or landline phone.

All you cared about is a phone number, eventually the country extension. With a video call, it is a little bit more complicated. You need to use the same video conservation platform, and sometimes it is not so easy to match. Just looking at the most popular communication platforms like Messenger or WhatApp, your client may not feel comfortable sharing with you her private account.

There are popular video conversation apps, but they need to be downloaded, installed, or sometimes even logged in. These are obstacles that can dampen the customer’s enthusiasm for talking to you. Not only because all of those actions are time-consuming, but some of your clients may not have the technical skills to complete the installation.

The good idea is to use apps like Closer, that don’t require installation by both parts. If you can send your client a link that after just one click opens a video call with you, you are a few steps forward to achieve your sales goal.

Schedule your meeting

It is always useful to schedule meetings and has it planned both in your and your client’s calendar. Thanks to that you will not miss a call. Having your video call app synchronized with a schedule makes it easy. If you are not sure that your client will be notified about the upcoming call, remember to send a message reminder.

Choose the right background and lightening

The neutral background will make your video call look more professional. Keep it clean, using the rule “less is more.” Be sure to provide adequate lighting, independent of the changing conditions outside the window.

Look into camera

It may seem unnatural to look directly at your video camera’s small spot, but this is the only way to keep “eye contact.” You can feel a little bit distracted at the beginning, but at least try to do it while you are speaking.

Focus on time management

Video calls are the most engaging form of communication besides the in-person meetings. You could “read” your client’s emotions better than from an audio call or text messaging. But to maintain the advantages of this form of communication, keep it interesting.

Prepare an opening subject, then go to the point. Share your screen to get the attention on things you would like your client to focus on.

Send files, like additional documents like an offer or the draft of an agreement. It will be easier to talk about it while still having a call than to send it afterward. You can get the first feedback right away and be prepared to work with the client’s concerns.

Remember to schedule the followup

If you are well prepared and have a chance to discuss all of the client’s concerns during the call, you may even close the deal during the meeting. But most probably you need to have at least one more call. Plan it before you disconnect. It will give both you and your client a real time frame to think about the deal and prepare for the next, and fortunately, the last meeting.

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