Video & voice calls

Video calls convert better than other, online forms of communication.  
Closer sets new standards for the video & audio calls.
Provide the best-in-class customer experience
Closer is a conversational sales platform
Video & voice are the most engaging peer to peer form of communication.  It brings the client's satisfaction to a new, higher level. Seeing or hearing you is crucial. It builds trust and a solid relationship, the one available only during face-to-face meetings.
How does it work?
We made a platform to connect your business with your clients using Voice & Video communication.
Your client view

After entering your company's website, the client can easily start a video conversation with your agent with just one click.

Your agent view

Using “actions” you or your agent could suggest the video call while having a chat with the client.

Closer is easy to deploy
You don't have to be a web developer to integrate it with your website. What makes the difference, is that your client doesn't have to download or install anything to start a conversation.
Cross-device continuity

Closer has a cross-device continuity, which is important because it gives your customers the ability to switch from mobile to desktop and having the same conversation with its full history.

File sharing

You can also share files. It is the fastest way to send your documents, photos, or other important files while having a conversation.

Screen sharing

Screensharing is another feature that makes your video & audio calls successful. Presenting screen is super important to read through the agreement or other crucial papers.

Schedule meeting

You can even schedule the next meeting. Everything while you are still on the call.

With Closer Video & Voice:
Get rapid access to potential clients.
Show things which you could only describe before.
Observe client's reactions.
Works fast.
Save time.
Conversations are more detailed than text messages.
Contact customers more frequent with less effort.
Why is it important to have this feature from a sales point of view?
When you hear and see your client, you can read the whole spectrum of the emotions, usually not so easy to track down in a written conversation. That helps to answer the needs better or respond to customer's concerns right away.