AI-dialog suggestions

With Closer, you can reduce the time spent on answering clients’ recurring questions. AI-dialog augmentation increases the effectiveness of your team.
Save hours with Closer dialog suggestions
Save hours with Closer dialog suggestions
There are things that you or your agent need to do personally. But some of them, like answering questions about the pricing, delivery options, or others that are typical for your business, takes a lot of your everyday work time.  Closer prepares accurate answers to make your work faster.
How does it work?
The client’s intent is contextually recognized by our machine learning engine. Companies have different frequently asked questions, but to illustrate how Closer suggests the answer let’s assume that the question is about a price.
Machine learning

The client could ask this question in various ways. From “what’s the price?”, through “how much does it cost”, to “Is it expensive?”, there may be tens of other manners to ask this question. Closer learns all of them and suggests the answer which you have prepared earlier.

Automatic suggestions

Every time Closer recognizes a typical question or statement, it automatically suggests the answer in a dialog box overlay. The adviser can use this answer just by clicking the send button. The answer can be edited before sending it.

Historical data
Closer suggests answers based also on the conversation history or from a back-office integrated data.
Benefits from using
AI dialog augmentation:
Fast answers for better customer relations.
Saves time.

Fewer errors in customer service answers.
More conversations via chat at the same time.
Easy to deploy.
Continuous machine learning for better accuracy.