Live Chat

Chat - the powerful tool to increase your sales and customer service.
Provide the best-in-class customer experience
Closer is a conversational sales platform
Fast response to customers’ needs could benefit in the highest sales or better perception of your company. If the customer is looking for contact, the game to respond in the most rapid and accurate way is afoot. Using the right chat service could make your company a winner.
How does it work?
The Closer chat is a multitasking tool that connects artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human touch.
Your client view

With a Closer widget installed on your website, you give your customers a reliable, rich media chat platform to start a conversation with just one click.  It is even more than that.

Your agent view

Closer’s dashboard gives the adviser fast access to all needed functions like actions, chat history, AI suggestions, customer’s message preview, and much more.  

Closer is easy to deploy
You don't have to be a web developer to integrate it with your website. What makes the difference, is that your client doesn't have to download or install anything to start a conversation.
Proactive messaging

Thanks to proactive messaging, Closer could initiate the conversation, to reach more customers with different, customized messages.


Chat could be run by a human adviser or a chatbot, which is especially useful after working hours, or if you need to get some important data like a customer's email address or GDPR consent. Closer gas integrations with third-party chatbots, like Dialogflow, or Lekta.

AI suggestions

The adviser benefits from assisted sales, which automatically suggests the answer to the customer's question. It can be sent with just one click or quickly edited before sending.

Chat history

Build long-term relations with Closer, as the chat history is recorded, and when the customer returns after a while, the adviser could have a look at the previous conversations.

Asynchronous chat

Sometimes conversations on chat are interrupted, and the customer leaves the platform before the adviser delivers the answer. With Closer, you can leave the conversation and get back any time. While you are away you will get a notification in your inbox about a new message.

Customer's message

Adviser sees what customer is typing even before the message is sent. It gives more time to prepare an answer. It is also good to know the original thought of the customer, which is usually what the customer actually thinks.

Two-sided file sharing

Both the adviser and the customer could send any file without interrupting the conversation.

With Closer Live Chat:
Act proactively initiating chats with potential customers.

All the important data in one place.

Equipped with AI suggestions to speed up answers.

Switch from text to audio or video call at any time.

Messages will get to the customer even after the chat ends.
Schedule meetings and share files in one place.

Why is it important to have this feature from a sales point of view?
Closer chat is more effective than other forms of communication because it connects a lot of features used by sales teams to close the deal. From proactive messaging to encourage the customer to start talking with you, via AI suggestions which will speed up your answers for the frequently asked questions. Sharing the files, and live presentations, accompanied by meeting scheduling and the fast option to switch into audio or video call gave your sales team all communication tools in one place.