Solution for Sales

With Closer, online sales are more effective. Get the most out of the sales funnel. From building awareness of your brand to a long-time relationship with a customer.


Proactive messages

Getting attention is crucial. If you manage to attract a customer to your website, it is the first step. The second is to start a conversation.

With proactive messages, the Closer chatbot starts the conversation with your customer automatically. There are plenty of options to set the most suitable message. Starting from one message for all pages in the domain to a unique one for each URL, or even the URL parameter.


Schedule the meeting

Some products and services need a little more push than an online offer can do. Meeting with customers could be the best way to explain and answer all of the questions. Closer makes it easy to schedule a meeting. Using Actions you could invite the customer to the meeting with just one click, and without interrupting chat, audio, or video conversation.


Online meeting

Video or audio meetings give the adviser the real possibility to convince the customer. Closer, the rich media conversation platform gives you access to all major communication channels: text chat, audio, and video calls. Voice and video make a difference. It is the closest to a real meeting option, so if your product or service sells best via face to face meetings, Closer is an ideal option for you. During the conversation, you share your screen to be on the same page with your customer.

Text chat

The instant chat option is great for selling online. Customers' behavior is changing, and as they text more privately, those form of communication becomes important in business life. With chat history, it is easier to find the arrangements from previous conversations. It is also fast and intuitive to start a conversation. Customers learn from their experience, that text chats are usually the fastest way to get an answer, comparing to email, or a phone call, especially if you have only one contact email or phone number on your website.

Closer goes beyond a typical text chat. Thanks to the AI suggestions it recognizes the question and suggests you, or your adviser, an answer which could be sent right away, or with a needed modification. It is especially useful for all price or shipment related issues, but every company could personalize it.

Decision + Purchase

File sharing

The salesperson knows how important is to close the deal. Sharing the important files, like an agreement to sign at the end of the meeting is important. During a face to face meeting, the agreement could be signed right away. Closer makes it possible also online. You can share any type of file with your customer, during a meeting or after it.


Offline and asynchronous messaging

Some online communication tools work only when both, adviser and customer are online. Closer gives you more than that. You could send a message even if your customer leaves the conversation. A notification about a message will be sent via email. It works also once the agent is offline, and the client tries to connect.

Benefits for the sales team:
Face to face meetings
No additional installation
All conversations in one place
Assisted sales - AI suggestions
Offline messages
Calendar integration