July 24, 2020
4 min

Keep your client engaged and satisfied with chat

Michał Krzak
Michał Krzak

Building long term relations with clients by chat is the best way to gain a loyal ambassador of your brand. Start building it with a webchat following those six easy steps.

Step 1: Build trust

Opening text chat options on your website brings people closer to your brand. Research shows that about 75 percent of American Gen Z and Millennials prefer to text other people rather than talking with them. The simple conclusion is that with a chat on your site, you will open the box full of opportunities. How to not make it a pandora box?

Take responsibility and don’t act like a robot. Be personal, and answer the needs of your clients directly. Webchat gives you the possibility to learn more about your clients. Isn’t it great? Simply spending time to build trust will work out for you batter than any report you read, including this article.

Step 2: Resolve problems. Do it fast.

Why people use chats? It is the first choice if they need to get the answer to their problem fast. Statistics show that the average response time on a chat is about 2 minutes, while it is 10 hours for a social media response and even 17 hours for an email.

So you can be sure that clients who are trying to connect with you via a webchat would like to hear from you instantly. If you can’t provide it, rather don’t use this tool. Not answering questions will get your potential clients angry. What is more, 35-50 percent of sales go to the vendor that responds first. Unfortunately, most reps give up on leads too soon.

But on the other hand, act smart and use apps that have intelligent AI solutions integrated, like Closer. This app recognizes questions and prepares suggestions for you to answer. With or without modifications. You can respond to the questions fast event without the need of typing the whole answer. It is also easy to modify it a little if you must.

What about chatbots? It is a great solution which could save you a lot of time. But use them mostly to automate things which take time and need access to data, like scheduling a meeting (algorithms knows the availability of any salesperson instantly), or asking your client for an email address and phone number.

Step 3: Understand your customers needs better

By using chats, you will become closer to your audience and understand their needs better. It will be rewarded in many ways. You can adjust your product or service portfolio, to meet the demand, or even prepare automated responses to answer questions that happen more often. Chat can be an irreplaceable source of information directly from your clients. So use it wisely.

Step 4: Collect customer data

Especially in the EU, where GDPR changed a lot in a way we collect customer data, it is convenient to use chats. Getting your client’s email address or phone number is safe, comfortable, and lawful. It can be done without your presence, as a first step while your clients enter the chat. Apps like Closer uses those data wisely. For example, if your customer suddenly exits the chat, your answer will be delivered to her email inbox.

Step 5: Personalize your brand

The human touch in a web environment is essential. Gartner survey found out that 90 percent of companies compete based on customer experience. What’s more, most of your clients would like to get a quick answer (59%) or talk to a real person (57%).  

Chat is the fastest way to start a conversation, but it is also good to switch to audio or video calls whenever your client prefers it. With apps like Closer, you can meet these requirements with ease.

Step 6: Track your conversations

For some clients, the chat is only a way to answer a need of the moment. Fast and easy. But some will need a little more attention and your support. It is why it is good to track the conservation and be able to return to previous arrangements. Use chat applications that give you access to the conversation history and automatically redirect it to an adviser who covered the last communication. Some AI solutions go even forward, and after discovering the topic of conversation, they redirect it to the most suitable adviser.

Those six steps are the basics of implementing a trustful and successful chat feature on your website. Just try to implement them, and you will see that your communication with customers will enter a whole new level. It will be also easier to use chat as a sales tool.

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